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2019 Huangpu Marathon cultural and creative derivatives officially released

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-21
u200bRun Huangpu, Zhu Mengwan District Huangpu Marathon Organizing Committee and Dongguan Nubo Craft Gifts Co., Ltd. jointly launched the 2019 Huangpu Marathon cultural and creative derivatives. I wish all the runners can leave that yellow horse memory that belongs to you. 01Keychain tag first time you ran a marathon, when was it? What is the thing that makes you feel passionate about the scene the most? Finishing medals, jerseys, or numbers? If you make the jersey and the number plate into a keychain that you carry with you, and engrave the number plate with your yellow horse, then it is destined to be the best partner. The golden area is: the laser number. 02 Participating Service Number Plate Pendant For runners who don't like to carry their keys, we also specially prepared a mobile phone lanyard series, which also supports engraving names and numbers. 03 Commemorative Medal Whampoa Marathon Which section is the most memorable for you? It is Huangpu Port. A perfect track, countless containers, especially freighters that whistle for the runners. They are all cheering for the runners! Just like this rudder badge, ride the wind and waves, and show your ambition! 04 Coins around the coin marathon are naturally indispensable, and they are also favorites of many runners, adding a 'coin' to you who love running marathons. 05 Fridge Magnets There are also many women who love horse racing. For female runners at home, refrigerator magnets are the best souvenir to keep a marathon. Three meals a day, morning and evening daily, you can see the traces of the original running on the track. 06The bottle opener 'Blowing Horse' is an essential part of the runners' dinner party. The way to start the 'Blowing Horse' also requires this artifact, the bottle opener of the Huangpu Marathon derivative. Go further. 07 Mobile phone ring buckle adds the Whampoa Marathon element mobile phone ring buckle, which is more distinctive. Just like you who ran to the finish line, your style is very beautiful. 08 Sports bracelets are probably superheroes who can finish the marathon. This requires not only courage, but also persistence day after day. As long as you wear this sports bracelet, you will start your sports life, just like you running in the Huangpu Marathon. 09 Luggage tags ran into Huangpu, chasing dream bay area. Backpacks and suitcases with luggage tags make the meaning of travel unique. Others are watching the scenery, and you are watching the scenery on the horse racing road. 10 Commemorative Coins This commemorative coin is heavily affiliated with this commemorative coin. The unique nautical compass shape is integrated into the history of the Maritime Silk Road and the traditional culture of Huangpu. It can be said to be a very meaningful souvenir, whether it is a collection or a gift, it is very suitable. The 2019 Huangpu Marathon cultural and creative derivatives are exclusively sold in Nubo Mall. Crossbow blog service WeChat: 13829283709
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