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A drawing of the badge making tell you why, clients are crossbow Po?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-19
In 2015, from the point of metal crafts custom demand, especially attaches great importance to the enterprise brand construction and propaganda, the demand of transformation so as to promote the arts and crafts. Series anniversary commemorative badges, MEDALS, key chain, and some memorable propaganda the needs of the small accessories widely and soar. Every client and hope to find a high quality, price and affordable badge custom manufacturer, then what is the price cheap attractive or quality is heavy? Anyone this guess, can choose according to the purpose of the product itself in high-grade material. General army, state organs, units, enterprise anniversary celebrations, such as MEDALS, commemorative COINS can choose enamel or soft enamel craft, good texture, elegant appearance, high grade. Ordinary souvenirs or propaganda is small adorn article can choose copper of the lacquer that bake, flat printing, such as zinc alloy technology, are all very good. Crossbow technology until 31 years, technology from Taiwan, founder of the early are grounded, start from the apprentice, one step at a time, the real products do delicate, customer satisfaction. Crossbow bo now has a perfect management and mature team, exquisite technology and good service. Many years of experience in international trade and domestic market development and customer continuously exchanges and learning, integrating the advantages, director of technology more exquisite. Each product all pass strict inspection before shipment, will reach the customer's hands. Control the product defective rate control within zero point six eight percent. Common proofing within 7 days of complete, regular order 15 days delivery, big goods for 20 days or so, Specific depends on order quantity) Straight, crossbow technology manufacturer, delivery on time, quality of leverage. Each product, whether simple or complex, are processed through multiple processes, metal crafts, too, do well with an enamel badges, initial samples is key, as long as the mould open, the subsequent production will be more smooth, if there is no open mold, surface concave and convex surface, will lead to the phenomenon such as uneven color. So we attach great importance to the crossbow bo have a professional mold master, equipped with fully automatic machine and consummate technology and management. We have been efforts, has been growing. Welcome each big enterprise or business unit plans to groups, domestic and foreign customers to sample build, no minimum quantity, the price is reasonable. Welcome to inquire: 86 - 579 - 85596776, we will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your visit guidance, sincerely look forward to cooperation with you.
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