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A special 'cup'Paper folding 'red heart'

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-15

On my desk, there is a paper folded & other; Red hearts & throughout; , quietly accompany me work more than ten years, several jobs, still did not affect its delicate and charming, because in my heart, it is my most precious & other; Trophy & throughout; 。 That was in 2007, after the college entrance examination, be admitted freshmen are ready to all kinds of enrollment. One summer afternoon, the sun parched the earth, the asphalt sparkling like a lake, cicadas on the trees are hot lazily don't call, but I do hear words of a light tone. “ Brother, how are you, I'd like to open a proof for low-income families. ” Pursue his desk with a girl, and shy face, a pair of clear eyes is looking at me. “ Hello, is that which town? University admission notice, hu kou book, and you have your id card? ” I said as she eyed the girl asked. She offered me all. She just was admitted to a university in the province. Charity federation issued that year freshman relief way, as long as she has proved that low-income families can receive financial aid. So I according to the workflow, search relevant information in the database, but failed. “ A: I'm terribly sorry, database did not find any information to your home, can not issue a certificate of low-income families. ” I told her. See, those expecting eyes become awkward and uncomfortable moment, tears do not know where to hide, her head down and said softly: & other; How can it do? Elder brother, do you have any other way? ” And then she tearfully choked out the words: '& other; My dad heart bad, severe asthma, often take medicine injections, can't do heavy physical labor, mother to support the family by farming, raising livestock, if can't apply for benefits, my tuition will gather together not neat & hellip; … ” Listen & other; Tuition & throughout; 2 words, my heart skip a beat and immediately see my dad had to run around my tuition, think of those behind the right school that a string of Numbers and was afraid to enter oneself for an examination, the girl suddenly felt eyes because it thousands of yuan benefits standing on the fork in the road of life & hellip; … So, I with colleagues details the girl's family situation, to comfort her home first after reply, immediately report to the section chief and in charge of the leadership, and research solutions. After serious investigation to verify, her family is in line with the conditions of low-income families, I & other; The first time & throughout; Find her to prove, and obtain the benefits. Look at the girl turned away, I realized with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility for work more and more research, more research, can change a person's life path. Days passed, at university freshmen report after going to an afternoon, the girl appeared in front of me again, my heart in side drum, & other; What's the problem with her again? Don't want to break through the policy put forward any requirements? … … ” Just when I was it thinking, she from the bag took out an envelope, sipping a mouth smile at me, and then take out with red paper & other Heart & throughout; , bowed and said to me: & other; Brother, thank you very much, I can't take anything of value, can only send over the break a loving yourself. Thank you & hellip; … ” At that moment, I won't forget the rest of my life, also feel the warmth of our civil work, this is the exchange of the heart and heart, love, and love, but also the masses of trust and entrust, it's our responsibility to bear, this & other; Red hearts & throughout; Remind me, and inspired me, shine on me, shine bright, is the supreme honor my work and the most precious & other; Trophy & throughout; !                                

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