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Acrylic all kinds of fashion products

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-27
Acrylic is not only a good industrial materials, and have plastic crystal, crystal clear bright and high plasticity, the application in the fashion boutique, more and more popular trend. Acrylic most popular boutique department by acrylic aggregate using the method of injection molding processing again tie-in high quality accessory materials. Yakeli various fashion boutique, suitable for leather bags, waist chains, watches, high-heeled shoes, the heel, hair accessories, brooches, bracelets, buttons, earring, necklace, ring, hanging, town, and so on many kinds of unlimited development continue space. From acrylic materials processing and high plasticity and good surface hardness and transparent luster, used with all kinds of different materials by the designer applied in all kinds of delicate container design, add container texture and practicability, delicate and containers, such as lipstick and the other as a massager, jewelry box, fan and other supplies. Play a cool and refreshing feeling of acrylic material, combined with creative design let acrylic material perfect present in a wide variety of popular products.
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