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Acrylic desk calendar printing method

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-27
With the development of acrylic materials, acrylic desk calendar has been widely used, people demand more and more of it. It promoted the acrylic desk calendar the continuous improvement of production technology, acrylic desk calendar printing technology has been continuously improve. Acrylic desk calendar printing can be used a full page image processing system of special features, make the print color is rich, true, stereo sense is strong, clean and crisp image. Then detailed introduce for everybody acrylic desk calendar printing methods: 1, letterpress: for acrylic products, mainly using photosensitive resin version of the flexible printing, flexographic printing, though still belongs to the category of letterpress printing, but due to the plate, printing ink and stamping process is different from traditional letterpress printing. Has more extensive adaptability to the substrates, printing costs low, the effect is good, suitable for plastic bags, flexible packaging, composite packaging printing. 2, screen printing, screen printing account for more than 98% of hole printing, become a hole of printing. Screen printing applicability is wide and is not only suitable for molding plastic film and has all kinds of acrylic products, the printing, can also be printing transfer printing material, to be used for transfer printing graphic on the special shapes of plastic products. 3, intaglio printing, intaglio printing often use organic solvent ink, because of thin ink drying, for dark color level expression is extremely strong, suitable for acrylic products film printing, print line is clear, beautiful fine, colour and lustre is enduring, difficult to counterfeit. 4, special printing, special printing is different from traditional methods of other printing, including spray printing, transfer printing, hot stamping and magnetic printing and barcode printing, etc. If we want an acrylic products for more information please into our website: http://www. klk98。 com
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