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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-18
Acrylic box on the market is very rare, acrylic boxes, acrylic display box, acrylic tissue boxes, and so on. Why is it so popular? So widely used? Below to introduce the acrylic box made of three major advantages. First: high transparency, acrylic box used to display jewelry, cosmetics can clear and true reflect the characteristics of the product, can give customers a saturation, thereby increasing the customer's attention to the product. In order to strengthen the publicity, the designer will be on the acrylic box printing or engraving some colorful LOGO, or design. The second: acrylic box has a strong plasticity. For some products, it is the modelling is not necessarily the four is four, but also want to be elegant display, acrylic through hot bending can produce all kinds of shapes, also can complete implementation by bonding a variety of functions. Third: acrylic box relative economic benefits. Acrylic is different from other material, it belongs to the organic glass, the price will be more affordable than other materials, processing technology is relatively metal, wood, would be easier. So that's why a lot of industry can use acrylic display rack, acrylic products. Finally, acrylic is also a kind of environmental protection material, harmless to human body, also can be fully recycled.
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