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Acrylic display use how long?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-21
Because the advantage of acrylic in making display supplies, acrylic display more and more popular, in use process must have a lot of people have a doubt, & other; How long do I use this acrylic display right? ” Noble today allow small make up an answer to everyone. Generally speaking, acrylic display rack is in commonly 3 - 5 years to replace a, this is according to an exhibition of the best display effect is to estimate. And, of course, actual situation is more complicated, you need to make judgments based on the specific situation. If you reveal frame is made of composite material, which USES the collocation is made of acrylic, wood, metal, or PVC you judge display shelf life will be according to the comprehensive loss of several materials. Wood or metal material generally for surface treatment, spray or powder are to be decided according to your requirement, so the plate is not bare in the air, and PVC and acrylic is directly exposed to air, dust, moisture in the air, with the friction of the product and the touch of consumers will affect their life, so a bigger risk than they appear damage. Generally appear there is an obvious scars reveal frame, we suggest you change, after all, displays directly represents the image of the brand. If you are using more attention, in the process of nursing properly can extend the life cycle, because the acrylic color and stiffness is very high, as long as it doesn't appear scratching is not appear what accident affect the appearance. Acrylic display replacement cycle can also according to different types, if it is a brand type of exhibition stand, then unnecessary concern upgrading of products, can use until the shelf scrap; In contrast, if the model show, you need to do replacement according to the upgrading of products, such as mobile phone products, cosmetics, these two kinds of products of the new product launch for six months or a year, half as new product launch when they need to replace the old show. To see everybody here heart must have been the answer, of course if there is any doubt for the acrylic display rack can feel free to contact us, the hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252
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