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Acrylic jewelry display

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-13
Acrylic ( Organic glass) The term may sound very strange, because it is a new words didn't appear in the mainland in the past two years. Until recently, it is in the advertising industry, furniture industry, handicraft industry will grow by a few people understand. ” Acrylic & quot; Is a transliteration loanwords, English is ACRYLIC, chemical name called & quot; PMMA” Allyl alcohol, commonly known as & quot; Through special processing of organic glass & quot; , acrylic high transparency, & quot; Plastic crystal & quot; A reputation. Organic glass necklace display shelf is made of this material to, so, what is the distinguishing feature of it? Organic glass necklace display weather resistance is very strong. Therefore, after long time use, acrylic remain high transparency and light transmittance. Other characteristics of organic glass necklace display does not have high surface gloss and good surface hardness ( A) with copper and aluminum , easy to machining, Include thermoforming and mechanical processing and chemical corrosion resistance and size stability ( Out of shape not easily) And so on. At present, the acrylic have become hugely popular around the world, almost all upscale department store has been using acrylic products to display the expensive luxury goods, to reflect the elegant taste. Made of acrylic household products has also been the frenzy of fashionable personage, best-selling shine!
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