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Acrylic jewelry display shelf 丨 dongguan kai rick display products co. , LTD

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-13
Choose jewelry display shelf, we recommend the acrylic material! Crystalline transparent board, contracted, high-grade white board, low-key, extraordinary white board, color. Our company professional acrylic production 20 years! For jewellery, electronics, displays, cosmetics display shelf has a wealth of production experience. Below small make up to introduce a: high-grade white jewelry display shelf. This product is a jewelry display shelf, can according to the requirements of shape and color. This kind of jewelry display shelf kit is to show the characteristics of a variety of jewelry, at the same time can show rings and necklaces. Large size and elegant design, appear the atmosphere and beautiful jewelry display shelf. The company is custom-built type! All products are customized, and no cash or stock, we support to figure make to order, to be customized, size to custom. No figure grow no size? It doesn't matter, our designer designed for you! Our address: dongguan qingxi mayor zhang qing hill village road 190 contact: QQ: 13929453089 enterprises, 2355733670
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