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Acrylic photo frame?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-08
Acrylic photo frame is made of acrylic material frame, for acrylic can you not know what this is a kind of material, but another name of acrylic plexiglass, this we have a certain understanding, this frame is more popular in recent years, so how much does it cost to custom acrylic photo frame? What's the advantage of acrylic and common frame? How much does one, acrylic photo frame customization? 1, acrylic material photo frame is very popular at present, the number of acrylic photo frame on the market is very huge, so the price is also a wide range of different manufacturer of acrylic photo frame custom price is different, the price range of each different, price difference is big, the ordinary to the market price of the acrylic photo frame is about 10 to 50 yuan; Second, acrylic than ordinary frame 1, good oxidation resistance, what's the advantage of easy processing acrylic material of antioxidant ability, whether through wind and rain or won't be damage or change color, can add different colors according to individual be fond of, material color will not be limited, is also very easy to processing, can be in the high temperature of 180 ℃ to soften, shaping, when the temperature cooled to room temperature to finalize the design. 2, durable, non-friable acrylic compared with common glass picture frames will be more durable, and fell on the floor from a height is not easily broken, also won't burn excess material during production, the yield of the frame is very high, and easy to save, cost performance is much compared to common frame. 3, good penetrability, fighting the strong acrylic photo frame will pervious to light quality is better than wood, can present a glittering and translucent and transparent crystal effect not only, also can be dustproof, easy to clean, acrylic on the fight against sex is good also, even if broken will not produce a wide range of fragments, acrylic material density is smaller than the glass, the quality is also much lighter. Acrylic photo frame is not only durable and beautiful appearance design, a bit like a crystal photo frame, the grade is higher, and it's not easy to break, is affordable, cost-effective choice. Noble allow professional acrylic photo frame production, beautifully produced, the price is reasonable, accept to figure to sample customization, have intention to welcome contact at any time?
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