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by:Noble Awards     2020-06-09
Acrylic photo frame its main composition is resin, resin as a kind of organic matter, once become yellow, said product by the role of ultraviolet radiation, oxygen and hot and humid, have begun to aging, and this kind of change due to the particularity of its material is not inverse reaction, can only change new one. And can not use other liquids or reagent for cleaning reduction, with some other chemical materials may cause plank pollution again. This material can only be used in the usual process can timely clean surface stains, generally as long as can wipe with toothpaste descaling, thermal protection measures such as things don't contact for a long time to slow down the process of its color. Acrylic photo frame yellow and the length of time actually related to plate, acrylic materials are divided into three kinds, new materials, new materials and reworked material, including new materials are least likely to turn yellow, reworked material is the most easy to become yellow, because the price is half of new material and new reworked material is expensive, there are a few businessmen in order to use reworked material manufacture acrylic photo frame at a lower price, so they lead to acrylic photo frame with soon turned yellow. So we have to know first when the choose and buy what good quality acrylic custom manufacturer, because only we made the right choice, in the later use does not have a variety of quality problems; To make us worry and effort. Noble allow display, 20 years focused on high-end custom acrylic manufacturer, quality, famous in the world, choose Noble allow you one hundred rest assured.
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