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Acrylic plate processing

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-15
Yakeli board processing generally has the following several kinds: hot bending & ndash; Open a small slot mold, the electric heating wire dangling set in among them and to the heating transformer, transferred to a certain current, make the heating wire is red, then acrylic sheet on top of heating, after baking soft can be hot bending forming, best plate heating temperature is 100 - 110℃。 Mechanical polishing & ndash; Using mechanical polishing machine polishing plate edge, should first plate edge as much as possible to deal with smooth and later on polishing cloth round of polishing wax, sheet will gently on the polishing wheel pressure, even driving back and forth. At this time must be noted that do not will plank on the polishing wheel to stay for a long period of time, otherwise, the board will be burned yellow, cause not bright. Fire polishing & ndash; After the saw cutting, plate edge milling deburring, sand with water will play thin plate edge, after the flame polishing machine cast light processing. Must pay attention to when polishing speed quick and balanced. Heat - using hot air circulation drying oven and hydraulic press molding, first of all, should be the molding box or font open mold according to the proportion of one to one, will die after fixed on the hydraulic press, sheet will be baking in the oven at the same time, after about 8 to 10 minutes of baking sheet completely softening, after its rapid transfer to fixed well in advance of the mould on the forming, for about 10 minutes cooling mold release. Adhesive crafts classes use glue - g treasure: the glue is colorless transparent liquid, advantage is quick-drying ( After the glue into 1 minutes to dry) , and it is not white glue, significantly better than using chloroform (in the market now Chloroform) To the beautiful effect. Advertising light box with glue - acrylic glue: the glue is colorless transparent liquid, suitable for light boxes and acrylic type adhesive, reached the strong strength is not easy to come unglued or stick beautiful effect, can greatly reduce the maintenance rate when outdoor use, to achieve security purposes. Thick plate butt and aquarium glue, glue imported from Japan: the colorless transparent resin glue, glue for longer use docking plate and tank adhesive and introduced. Advantage is high transparency, spelling the joint seam is not obvious, is famous for its high strength. Can meet customer and beautiful effect. Where do yakeli board processing is better? Choose shenzhen Jacques plexiglass products co. , LTD. Shenzhen Jacques plexiglass for shenzhen professional design and production of plexiglass products of professional manufacturers, the company adhere to the & other; Picture of the humanitarian & throughout; Business philosophy, high-quality skilled workers, with good service attitude, professional technology level, with advanced production equipment, clean production environment, strong production capacity, efforts to do a good job in every detail for our guests.
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