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Acrylic products can use how long?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-14
For the service life of the problem, actually very simple, whether the use of organic glass products, or other service life of the ordinary products, everybody wanted to use a longer time. Since spent the money, that is about to see money, can't spend money on things, because a few days or even a month's time, found that the product has a problem, this cannot be consumers to accept, is not willing to see. And is a kind of high polymer compound, organic glass has a high relative molecular weight, its texture is soft, but it also has a certain toughness, high transparency, good light penetration and ageing resistance and high temperature resistant, is organic glass existing advantages. The service life of the different grades of acrylic sheet is different also, such as the import material more than the domestic material, the new plate is longer than the service life of the collection plate & hellip; … And, of course, if in use process, because of their improper operation or not for maintenance and maintenance. That could affect its service life. Noble allow acrylic factory here to remind friends: because the surface of the organic glass was not attached or certain objects or dust deposition, in the process of cleaning, it is very convenient, more can't because of high temperature and make the surface of the aging problem. Some fast food restaurant you can see, using the blister word after prolonged exposure or wind and rain, without physical aging, oxidation or discoloration. This kind of material's signature or blister word service life can reach more than 10 years. The other general acrylic product service life can reach more than 10 years. Finally you want your acrylic products use remember to regularly for a longer time for cleaning, maintenance and maintenance.
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