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Acrylic products processing quotation to know the number?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-03
Small make up when a customer service, sometimes the client will only send the drawings to come over to our quotation, when asked about the number, they said no, let's offer, when I said no amount can't offer, they said that they could not understand, small make up to today and you about this topic, because many customers do not understand acrylic products processing, why 100 number and 1000 number of price is not the same? General plexiglass acrylic factory as long as it is the custom product price will be according to the number of order. Also make a product, early to spend the energy are the same, so the more quantity price will be higher. In the prophase work to produce a, one thousand is the same energy. Organic glass products, for example, usually before processing, will draw the drawings, then draw a also want to draw, do one thousand the same picture. This is different. Believe that many industries that are the same. In addition, acrylic processing plant will be customized products according to the customer, materials to discharge, general nesting products can save material, this in the final quotation can also save money for customers. And processing technology and so on. General production of organic glass processing factory will carefully accounting prices according to various aspects. Noble allow acrylic processing plant production of organic glass products, using high quality raw materials processed. Has a full range of acrylic products processing professional equipment, content to different customer requirements. Welcome to customize, hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252
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