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Acrylic products quotation calculation way

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-01
Custom acrylic products, prices are directly by the factory offer, for the customer, how to evaluate the product price is reasonable, acrylic products prices are composed of which a few factors? One, the influence of the cost price of acrylic products of high and low cost is the most factors cannot be ignored. Here mainly refers to the artificial cost and the cost of acrylic products material cost. As now the level of economic rise, the proportion of labor costs in the current production is becoming more and more high, wages rise continuously also doomed to produce the products assigned labor costs increase. In terms of material, different drawing size and material requirements need to adopt different hardware, lamps and lanterns, decorative and acrylic products production structure materials, the difference between materials also contributed to the difference in price for the finished product. Second, the influence of the packaging of acrylic products prices affect the price of acrylic products cost factors mainly include the packing cost and transportation cost. In acrylic products, packing workers very laborious. Acrylic products from manufacturers to merchant stores are generally go through transport of goods, the logistics cost is impossible to avoid, as for the high and low depends on the difference between or package the acrylic products have special requirements, the price will be expensive. Three, the influence of acrylic products quantity of acrylic products price acrylic products manufacturing is always going to be profitable, as for the control range of acrylic products price profit depends on the attitude of the manufacturer. As a labor-intensive industry, the number of the same kind of acrylic products, the more when buying this exhibition frame material also can be the cheaper, the other workers and produced the same exhibition stand for a long time, more and more skilled, efficiency will also high, so the customer need the more the number of acrylic products, relative price is more cheaper. Four, the influence of the custom of acrylic products prices have customers because of its products is their own design production, different from most of the products on the market, and different products also have a large discrepancy between brand products, because the acrylic products are tailored for the customer, means that every product has different technical requirements, which requires some experienced engineers, master and this in turn would increase the cost of some.
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