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Acrylic rotating display shelf?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-16
Acrylic rotating display shelf is a common display shelves, in order to realize the rotation function is easy. Mesa design, design show often match or be born rotating base, only when consumers in the choose and buy goods need to where he was gently toggle display at different display goods below. The user experience very good show. Do rotating display also has a lot of material choice, but compared with the rotation of the metal, wood, displays, acrylic due to the nature of material, produced the rotation of the display has more advantages, durable, beautiful, low cost, easy to clean. In addition, acrylic make rotating display advantages are: acrylic many colors available, custom color plate can also be based on demand. Second, rotating display need to use the weatherability good wear-resisting material, acrylic function also is very good.
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