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Anti-epidemic commemorative medal | Design of anti-epidemic commemorative medals | Customized anti-epidemic commemorative medals in Hubei | Wuhan anti-epidemic commemorative medals

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-20
There are many styles of anti-epidemic commemorative medals, most of which are in the form of badges. However, the anti-epidemic design is also in the form of commemorative coins, medals, and medals, which have a higher collection value than badges. Start with the medal. Medals are generally awarded to generals and soldiers, and the medical staff who aided the epidemic in Hubei this time are national heroes worthy of tribute to 1.4 billion compatriots. Therefore, the medal is also made to commend and show the contribution of medical staff to society, nation, country and even people. It is a symbol of honor for medical staff. Wearing position: pin type, chest. The anti-epidemic commemorative medal is also designed as a commemorative coin style. The commemorative coin has a specific theme and commemorates major and very special events in the country. The appearance is exquisite and compact, and it is convenient to carry around. It is awarded to the medical staff on the frontline of the war epidemic, which is quite commemorative. It also expresses the meticulous care of the medical staff for this city. Of course, the commemorative medal for the fight against the new coronary pneumonia is also made into a medal style for the fight against the epidemic. Regarding the raging new coronavirus, we must unite and fight the epidemic together. Engrave the new coronavirus on the front of the medal, and engrave the place, time, and date of victory over you on the back. Witness the nation's strength, the thunderous and rampant virus has been reduced to zero. Wearing style: lanyard
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