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Appreciation of the medals of the 'Double Gold' race in Xiamen Horse 3 years

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-20
In 2017, Xiamen Marathon was upgraded to a full-marathon event for the first time.   The 2017 Xiamen International Marathon will be upgraded to a full-marathon event for the first time, with a scale of 30,000; the track plan is upgraded, the starting and ending points of the whole track are unified, and the venues will return to the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The design of the finishing medal of the 2017 Xiamen International Marathon is based on the concept of ocean culture, and the arc shape with affinity and modern design as the design element, implying the open, diverse and inclusive urban spirit of Xiamen, a coastal city.  The hidden blue bottom of the medal seems to be an endless ocean, and the floating rose gold main body represents Xiamen Island. The whole medal is simple and elegant, and the soft shape contains the attractiveness of the ready to go, which makes people look forward to the future of Xiamen. In the field of sports events, only a few top events invite professional industrial design teams to design medals. The 2017 finish medals further demonstrate the pursuit of professionalization and internationalization of the Xiamen International Marathon. The blue-based and arc-shaped design is consistent with the inner temperament of the coastal city of Xiamen, but also contains open and vast possibilities. The dark blue of the Xiamen Horse Medal highlights the depth of the ocean, and the designer's image of Xiamen Island in the sea like the rising sun is becoming more and more prominent. The 2018 Xiamen Marathon was renamed the Xiamen Marathon, and the first three shots were used to start the marathon.   In 2018, Xiamen Marathon was upgraded to the second year of an all-Malaysian event. The event was renamed the more confident Xiamen Marathon. For the first time, the three-shot start was adopted, allowing the runners to start more smoothly. The finishing medal is carefully designed by CNjewelry, with the design concept of a runner who never stops, and the latest logo of Xiamen Horse is transformed into a runner. The center disk can be rotated 360 degrees freely to integrate with the surrounding urban landscape. These landscapes are the landmarks of Xiamen along the way of the Xiamen Marathon track, as if runners are struggling to run on the endless track, and also symbolize the vigorous development of the city of Xiamen.   The outer circle of the 2018 finish medal is designed with 5 scenic spots that the Xiamen-Ma Line passes through, the Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center, the 98 Golden Key of Huandao Road, the Hulishan Fort, the World Trade Twin Towers, and the statue of Zheng Chenggong. The outer ring is fixed, the inner ring rotates freely, and between the rotations, it is like opening a passage of time, integrating the Xiamen Marathon's 16 years of endless, hard work, and never-stopping spirit, and at the same time it is full of showing its endless rotation. City rhythm. The overall medal design shows the energy of the city through strong lines, and the exquisite carving craftsmanship vividly shows the beauty of the city, making us fall in love with the beautiful city of Xiamen unknowingly. The surface of this year's medals has been frosted and polished to make the overall medals more layered. The modern-style design creates a three-dimensional space. It is a new interpretation of traditional medals and modern accessories. The medal belt adopts Xiamen blue as the main color, with five-color ribbons, symbolizing the five countries of the BRICs and showing the glory of Xiamen after the BRICs. 2019 Xiamen Marathon became the largest all-marathon race in the country.   In 2019, in the third year that Xiamen Horse was upgraded to a full-marathon race, the scale of the race was expanded again and became the largest full-scale race in the country. The front of the 2019 Xiamen Horse Medal is made of egrets, and the back is a piano white background with golden embossment. The texture is full of engravings, and the classic color lanyard is fashionable and vibrant. The pure and elegant Xiamen city bird 'Egret' is used as the main image for the design, and the competition vision is the auxiliary element. The struggling egret symbolizes the aggressiveness of the city of Xiamen and Xiamen, and the white design concept without borders symbolizes the Xiamen horse. Will welcome runners from all over the world with a more tolerant and open attitude. It also brings up the interpretation that Xima is more confident, more mature, and moving towards a higher starting point.   After being upgraded from 2017 to a full-horse race, Xiamen Horse has stepped up every year to improve the service and operation level of the event year by year. We see a more mature and confident Xiamen Horse and look forward to a better performance of Xiamen Horse. The three-year competition medals are different, with different design concepts and different meanings. Runner friends, which medal do you prefer? The 2019 Xiamen Horse Medal hasn't gotten yet, and runners who like it should sign up quickly, and there won't be any slow hands!
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