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Archaize badge factory production technological process for stamping badge

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-30
Archaize badges manufacturer for stamping badge by metal material commonly use metal stamping mould with various badges and high-grade badge. Because brand image will be better able to deduce the business strategies, and sets up the objective group industry association, so has been widely loved. What is a press badge? Stamping badge by metal material commonly use metal stamping die with a variety of other badge manufacture craft and the combination of high-grade badge, also known as punching badges or metal stamping mould badges. Because the brand image will be better able to deduce the business strategies, and sets up the objective group industry association, so press badge was widely loved. 1, punching badges mainly use material with copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, gold, metal and other commonly used material, there are also some high-grade stamping badge use some precious metals such as gold and silver materials, the precious metal stamping badge has a very high collection and investment value, is popular in recent years, the investment and collection. 2 the main some shapes, punching badges for long rectangle, square, round, oval, special shape, round stamping badge as the main trend in recent years. To hisin signage and the design of stamping badge, and circular press badge. 3, press badge design. Stamping badge is mostly on the design according to the trademark LOGO LOGO of company or the company as the leading design concept, also can design planning for the double content. Can be designed according to his be fond of all kinds of personality punching badges. 4, the characteristics of stamping badge. The company badge is given priority to with promotional image; Industry association is to dominate the activity theme of top priority; Others made of precious metals such as gold and silver stamping badge has the investment and the collection value, some financial products such as Banks, emblem of the Olympic Games and world expo emblem is a number of investment value and collection value. 5, the applicability of the press badge. Stamping badge has a very wide range of applicability, from propaganda promotion, corporate identity, activities subject to investment collection, etc. , widely in the large group of companies, enterprises and institutions, relating agencies, industry associations, volunteer groups, and other fields landmark events used in 6, stamping the value of the emblem. Press badges are of great value, it deduce enterprise strategic brand image, establish objective group industry association, etc. , in recent years, some gold badges and badge of precious metals such as silver stamping badges as increasingly highlight investment and collection value. 7, punching badges of packing. Stamping badges include regular packing and nobility JinHe two kinds commonly, it depends on the guest's requirements. Some precious metal stamping badge noble JinHe packaging we are recommended to give priority to. Stamping process for badge making process: the design of the stamping badge sets badge badge, metal stamping mould with various process such as the combination of gold-plated, silver plated thickening material, metal, glue, etc. The following press badge in the process of the production process for a brief analysis. 1, press badge design production. With the promotion and popularization of computer technology, the badge of draft design mostly adopts computer design system. Badges industry commonly used drawing software with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and so on, if you want to generate the 3 d rendering, and need the support of 3 d Max software. About color, usually use PANTONE SOLID COATED, because the PANTONE color matching color is better, to reduce the possibility of color, so use the most. 2, punching badges of mold. The design of the emblem is made on the computer, remove the color, make the concave and convex metal black and white figure represented by the black and white color, printed in a certain proportion of vegetable parchment templates made of photosensitive ink exposure method. The appearance of the press with engraving machine carved template for engraving. Engraving is complete, also need to heat treatment, mold to strengthen the mold hardness. 3, suppressed. Install the badge after heat treatment of stamping mould platens, turn patterns on copper or iron. 4, strong material. Used to make cutting die, the products according to its shape, product rushed down with a punch press. 5, to press badges polishing. Rushed down the product in the polishing machine polishing, remove the stamping burr, in order to improve the smoothness of the product. 6, to the badge on the back of the welding accessories. Put the product on the back of the used solder welding accessories. 7, badge to electroplating. The plating, according to the requirements of customers can be gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating, and so on. 8, color the badge. Color according to the requirement of the customers, finish color, high temperature baking, to strengthen the color fastness.
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