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Archaize badge manufacturers to teach you the collocation of cufflinks

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-23
Archaize badges manufacturer to teach you the collocation of cufflinks high-grade cufflinks - - The use of the simple and easy cufflinks in our life is obvious. In general use of cufflinks cuffs design called musketeer cuffs or French cuffs, French reverse fold sleeve) 。 More commonly the cuff a specially designed shirt to wear on formal occasions, and pay attention to cultivate one's morality clipping of British senior administrative people will also bring the cufflinks shirts to wear to the office. Sleeve shirt become a important component, since the show on the cuff is to show beautiful cuff, so modern American shirt use normal button cuffs have a show to show the necessary? Don't have to completely. Cufflinks are small, but the style is ever changing, in addition to the traditional round and square, there are water droplets, thread, Chinese knot, such as shape, design also has a totem, flag, tai chi, steering wheel, fruits, cartoon, Chinese zodiac, constellation of all kinds, such as style is elegant, humorous and unruly, etc. , so tie-in cufflinks have knowledge greatly: 1. According to the color of the shirt and dress collocation; 2. Selection and belt buckle, tie clip cufflink with color; 3. According to the present at the party style selection of cufflinks. First natural is going to talk about when to use cufflinks, or should be used to match cufflinks French double fold the shirt. Strictly speaking, tie-in dress suit, should be French double fold the shirt and use cufflinks. This exquisite must oversight by article introduce suit in much of the country. Why should dress suit collocation cufflinks? Believe that 'shirt cuff should be slightly above suit cuff' this dress rule most suit the wearer at least to know, but why there is such a rule? If from history to back, in fact this is not a suit wearing rules, but it was the shirt dress rules. A, cufflinks, the collocation of color is key crystal glass sleeve cufflinks for its transparent crystal glass, the best collocation of white shirt; Gold cufflinks red shirt with gold cufflinks, with luxuriant fashionable feeling; Dark twill pink shirt tie-in and same twill gold package edge of purple cuffs, created a romantic French gentleman style; With gold stripes shirt cuffs, feel energetic, for your successful intense modelling added a tender and romantic; Blue shirt and gold cuffs, strong and convincing great strength. Silver cufflinks black, white, grey shirts with silver cufflinks, have composed, noble effect when your different occasions, cuff also has exquisite, should also varies according to the occasion! If you have a large fashion banquet or cocktail party, gold is absolutely the best choice for you: the friend's wedding banquet: this ancient Chinese knot cuff is very fashionable and sven fashion emergency meeting: white shirt, the best collocation low-key serging white cuffs of dealing with your partner, dinner party when the cufflinks the collocation of color is also key, generally have a rule: crystal glass cufflinks because of its transparency, the best collocation of white shirt; The red shirt and gold cufflinks, with gorgeous and fashionable feeling; Black, white, grey shirts with silver cufflinks, have composed, noble effect. If it is suit, then, the design of cufflinks is given priority to with cool color as far as possible. Because the suit for commercial clothing. And, when leisure, color can match it bright. At the same time, some of Europe's men, can also according to your own mood to cuff button color, style of choice. In addition, different weather, for cufflinks colour because it will be different. This time, we should notice the whole people dress color. Overcast, for example, will be on your own wear some cufflinks a bright colour. This can drive themselves around the person's mood, can alleviate the tense mood in work and life. Cufflinks material generally choose the precious gold, silver, crystal, diamonds, precious stones, etc. , so expensive, generally a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of yuan. Shenzhen crossbow, arts and crafts co. , LTD. , established in 2007 located in kengzi town, shenzhen city, guangdong province. The company production technical force is abundant, fine craftsmanship, high quality wumart archaize badge manufacturers. Complete production equipment, the main production equipment are Germany imported fully automatic injection molding machine, advanced electroplating equipment and stamping bed, zinc casting machine, hydraulic press, the computer card machine, laser laser machine, and other fine matching. With a computer design, molding, stamping, casting, fabrication, injection molding, paint, enamel, plastic, spot welding, polishing, oxidation, transparent color of swimming, electroplating and other technical equipment one-stop production lines. Product information: name tags, badges, cosmetic mirror, working number, cosmetic mirror, badges, commemorative COINS, key chain, bookmarks, MEDALS, golf fork, mobile phone hang act the role ofing, cufflinks, tie clips, ashtrays, bottle opener, cap clip, trophies, gold silver commemorative badges, jewelry, hangs the decoration, and other hardware accessories. 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