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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-12
The application of badges is very wide. We can easily see them wearing badges in common places such as hospital staff, hotel staff, teachers and students, company staff, and bank staff. With the advancement of technology, the custom-made badges are becoming more and more beautiful, not only in terms of materials, but also in manufacturing processes, such as mirror craftsmanship and hollow craftsmanship. The name badge was once loved by the majority of faculty and staff. With the diversification of craftsmanship, more and more materials of badges are also displayed, such as stainless steel, acrylic, copper, titanium, sand gold, sand silver, two-color plate, zinc alloy, PVC and other materials. The current workplace pays great attention to appearance and image. Wearing items are very particular. Large ones seem out of place, and small ones will be stingy. When the badge is customized, what size is the most suitable? The custom-made badge manufacturer Nubo will help you solve your doubts: Generally, the length and width are 70mm*25mm. This popular size is also very suitable for standard wear. You can also choose 68mm*25mm, this size is generally used in hotel staff, hospital staff, bank employees, etc.; 60mm*20mm, this size will be more customized by school faculty and staff. After reading the custom-made sizes above, I probably have a bottom line. They generally fluctuate in the size of 70mm*25mm, so remember not to be too big or too small when the custom badge is suitable!
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