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Badge making manufacturers: cost control is the key to daily management

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-19
Often customers ask: we want to customize a badge production enterprise, but for this little notion, also don't know how quality? Want to ask next minimum quantity how much can you do? Probably price how many? Generally this kind of situation, we will please provide relevant technological requirements of product design, size, material, quantity, etc to customize product information, so that accounting out the price more accurate, is also a kind of responsible for the customer. So if the price is low, is the general quality? The answer is no. Crossbow bo think: we never badge production at a low price to attract customers, and the cost, the cost is not a point, also is not systemic of the line on the cost reduction, but the enterprise management on the face. Found that there are few enterprises really attach importance to cost, can rationally to the enterprise daily management problem. As a matter of fact, such cognition, in fact is the cost of the big problems facing Chinese companies today. One of a cost problem, only is the enterprise management. Because of the high present unreasonable cost, standard operating problems, explain product innovation ability is not enough, that corporate culture is not good. And under the standard cost, to achieve low out of the standard cost of actual cost, should have a reasonable degree, otherwise become no jump since the peak of the brand, and customers. Cost problem, most is not cost itself, but the cost. All day chanting of people on the cost reduction, cost will be high. And security of the high cost, less cost high decided to life and death, the cost must be reasonable, such enterprises, must be a quality control as the production premises, was in no hurry to do business, must be able to be comfortable to walk on the road of longer prosper. Crossbow, arts and crafts that technological innovation is sitting close to the desire of cost reduction method, and completes the enterprise daily management, especially the professional quality of ascension and, is the enterprise manages kingly way, crossbow bo crest badge with embroidery, commemorative COINS, make to order the price is reasonable, delivery fast, welcome general customer friend to chart to sample customization, meet the demand of your custom, hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776, badge customized customer case: http://www. ysgou。 com/dzal。 HTML: thank you.
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