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by:Noble Awards     2020-12-14
Mentioned badges, believe that there are a lot of people can often come into contact with in our daily life, even there are some badge collection of collectors in the specialty is engaged in the emblem, so a small badge for many fans brought a lot of fun. Badge process: the badge process can be divided into the following: true enamel smooth process, soft enamel smooth process, add glue craft of the lacquer that bake, add glue smooth process of the lacquer that bake, three-dimensional glass paint, sand bottom technology, three-dimensional technology, perforations, etc. , with modern materials and technology improvement, will continue to have new technology being developed, so the badges as a gift or treasures will be more and more people's affection and popular. Believe that there are a lot of the badge production factory in the production of all the questions appeared but can small, because to make a small badge, starting from the start and customers to negotiate business, to finally shipped out from the factory after ten several technological process, so in so many tedious process, accidentally can appear the errors in the process, cause damage. So to solve above problems, these handicraft to grab from the source of production, starting from the drawing one by one, process controls, each process on the quality of products, the head of the confirmation, sign and divides the responsibility which the process problems in which the head of the process is investigated, do good to reward, mistakes more people want to punish, punish in fact not the ultimate goal, but to allow a problem many operators to work carefully, improve the quality of the mean. Believe in such a process controls, will give the employees some job alert, in order to improve the yield of plant products.
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