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Badge process is introduced

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-21
Badges, in short, it is to wear in the body used to represent the identity and professional logo. It has a long history, the origin can be traced back to primitive society clan tribal totem sign. While badges, recorded real originated in our country. The ce & middot; Strategy into the 'records: & other; False way qin han wei to attack. The king ZhangZi will instead of & hellip; … ZhangZi change their badges to qin. ” This is an example of early recorded in China. But referring to the badge here, and now, in the sense of badge, is have substaintial distinction. It actually refers to the flag. High induced note: & quot; Hui, the blazing also & hellip; … In the, make with Qin Qi chapter. ” 。 Badge making marginal data do more several badge process, paint, imitation enamel, stamping, other badge process: bite ( Eclipse version) , screen printing, offset printing, 3 d effect, etc. The lacquer that bake big picture effect, the badge on the concave part of the can all kinds of badge color ( Our color number is pantone color) Anywhere, trinket raised to do all kinds of gold-plated, nickel electroplating effect (such as Metal color) 。 The lacquer that bake characteristics: bright color, crisp lines and lively, strong metal texture, can use copper or iron do raw materials, including iron badge of the lacquer that bake is cheap and fine, if your budget is less, choose the very suitable!
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