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Badges custom logo four kinds of common process of!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-15
Modern social gift giving is more than just good relations, can also play the role of advertising. Therefore, the rapid development of the domestic metal craft gift, now whether advertising promotional items, business gifts, car gifts, promotional items, souvenirs, luggage accessories gifts have LOGO printing enterprise, make its products reach a kind of advertising effect. Are so common and these craft gifts, key chain, badges, badge, dog tags, luggage tag, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, bookmarks, fridge magnets, golf fork/hat clips, bottle opener, and so on. Then process gifts production LOGO commonly used what? Below the badge manufacturers to introduce the commonly used several process: a, the most commonly used screen printing: silk screen printing basic principle: use silk screen printing ink plate picture and text part of the mesh, the graphic part of the mesh is not through the basic principle of ink to print. In silk screen printing on the plate at one end into the ink, scrape printing scraper ink on silk screen printing position a certain pressure, moving in silk screen plate at the other end at the same time. Ink scraper in moving from the graphic part of the mesh extrusion on the substrates. Applicable materials: paper, plastic, Such as surface le buckle preservation box, electronic photo frame) , China ( If mark cup) , glass, metal, Such as metal bookmark) , silk gifts, basically flat is bright and clean the surface of a product can be printed. Laser LOGO: in the laser carving principle: to use the computer control of 3 d laser engraving machine, laser focus on crystal products within predetermined position, in a very short time to produce pulsed high temperature, crystal heat cracking moment, form a tiny white dot, a lot of white dots in the crystal inside carving out of/a predetermined shape, remains the same while the rest of the crystal is in good condition. Laser crystal inside carving application, is divided into two situations: 1, inside carving plane design ( 2 d graphics such as company name) 。 2, inside carving stereoscopic pattern: stereo sense is very strong, very suitable for enterprise's main product performance. Three, hot stamping silver pressed LOGO process: similar embossed effect, with gold, silver, added more high-grade texture. Applicable material: mainly used in packaging, paper products, leather products. Such as the gift net production of high-end gift box makes a room. Four, embossed LOGO process: using metal mold formed under high temperature and pressure on the surface of gift. Applicable materials: embossing LOGO are commonly used in leather products ( Such as leather card holder, leather notebook surface) And part of aluminum products. Above is the most common badge making LOGO process, by badge manufacturers for all to share. If you have any requirements or doubts on this, can be called a crossbow Po handicraft consultation! 86 - 579 - 85596776
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