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Badges made seven stage, be short of one cannot

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-18
Understand the badge making friends for the first time, often thought, make badge is a very simple process, in fact is not, badge production process is very complex, generally high quality need a longer time. Customized badges, crossbow handicraft recommend people 15 days in advance to figure, it didn't have enough time to complete the badge production, also not to want to use the badge has not been completed production. Badge on the production process, as a badge production of professional manufacturers of crossbows, arts and crafts in detail about this issue with you under analysis: badge making generally divided into the following seven stages: 1. Made sketches of your ideas or your LOGO, or by factory technical drawings for members to complete the drawings, and finally confirmed by the customer, after confirmed by production can be formal, need 1 - at this stage 2 days time. 2. To make sketches of a black and white, with black and white said convex metal, put in black and white pattern, in this paper, the engraving machine carved into the mold, and mold in hot oil to heat treatment, mold hardness greatly ascend. To the finished production of the die, this stage need 2 days time. 3. Put mould pressure on the machine by pressing, the mold design, to 1 mm thick copper plate and the surface of the iron sheet, the embryonic form of products, depending on the number of, usually need 1 - too 2 days to complete. 4. The copper sheet and the product design on the iron sheet, according to the shape of the shape, stamping down on punching machine, form a complete product, and for deburring, polishing, electroplating process, such as 1 - is also needed 2 days time. 5. After the plating, according to the regulations of the number of color on image, color matching, then color, each color, all need drying, and then on to the second color, usually 3 - badge On all four color, color, also need to color and high temperature curing, color is complete, need to add the resin layer in order to protect the paint is not damaged, also need drying curing resin layer, this process needs 1 - 2 days time. 6. Quality inspection, packaging, need 1 day time. 7. Fedex also need 1 - for you 2 days. Together, this way, each stage is almost ten days, so we suggest that the 15 days in advance is more safe. Crossbow, arts and crafts, professional badge production, custom MEDALS, MEDALS MEDALS customized manufacturer, do you satisfied with the badge is our greatest pursuit! www。 ysgou。 com
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