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Badges: nickel plating and silver plating which good?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-20
Plating method is commonly used in nickel plating badge is made, a brightener gain is bright nickel plating solution, and in the absence of join brightener gain is dark nickel electrolyte. Effect of silver plating and nickel plating, mainly applied to all kinds of accessories, tableware and electronic products, etc. , but because of the characteristics of the nickel plating when plating badge over silver to be widely used. The graph is: nickel plating badge the graph is: the ancient silver plating badges than silver plated nickel plating hardness, strong wear resistance, more durable in appearance. Nickel plating on the stability is very high in the air, easy to be silver plated black oxide, affect the aesthetic of the item. Nickel plating is very polished performance, can make the object surface has a mirror shine, and save time. Than using silver plated nickel plating surface is wide, can be used as decorative coating protection, protect the goods from corrosion and light adornment effect.
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