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Company badge production: factory badge and logo

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-26
Trademark refers to the commodity producers and business operators in their production, manufacturing, processing, sorting, or distribution of goods or services provider in the services it provides. Factory emblem is extremely important in the company badge LOGO, much to the company LOGO for the body of the badge design of the factory. The company badge badges badges badges, including factory employees, the company's activities, company celebration badge. The graph is: crossbows bo bond online production factory emblem for the country the graph is: online pictures ( The state online trademark) Factory badge and LOGO: the difference between the use scope of different factory emblem is the enterprises to use on the trademark LOGO. The trademark is used in the LOGO on the product or service. The applicable laws of different factory emblem are protected by the enterprises, the protected area in the city for the boundaries. Domestic registered trademarks are protected by the trademark law, the protected area is the whole of China. Factory emblem, with copper material is given priority to, in 25 - size About 35 mm, can be used or imitation enamel craft of the lacquer that bake, surface plating or nickel plating ( Silver) 。 Crossbow, arts and crafts professional company badge production, factory emblem customization, employee badges, badge order company activities, company celebration badge customization, 33 years, only to do customer satisfaction crafts! www。 ysgou。 com
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