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Crossbow embroidery epaulet making zero scrap, delivery fast

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-09

In mid-september received a phone call from one of huizhou customer, want to buy a batch of uniforms with! After communication method we finally agreed to pay proofing, three days after received the samples from the customer, we will close the sound arrangement proofing, initial sample, the client is satisfactory, but the process to change the customer's customer requirement, we alter according to the requirements of customers to provide the technical requirements of the sample, the customer was very pleased with the quality of the sample, then there is big goods production, both sides negotiate good price, order quantity, delivery location, etc and sign agreement, we will arrange production big goods. Happened to meet with National Day long vacation, because delivery was delayed for five days, on October 9, all big goods production is completed, we inform the customer pay the money on delivery, the customer must be door-to-door delivery after inspection qualified payment, ha ha, this can let us a little bit difficult, we had been agreement clearly specify your delivery! Original products are transparent, profits will be cost delivery to oh, about this problem and take the initiative to communicate with guests we explain, finally the guest is more readily consented is responsible for the transport of goods. In order not to delay the customer's production schedule, start your work in the afternoon we will arrange delivery, from dongguan Huizhou one-side drive to 1. 5 hours, go to the customer that's almost three o 'clock, customers know our journey far, even driving back, very cooperate with our work, the goods are to in a hurry to help the inspection, the inspection of 4800 PCS 5 big series embroidery stripes although enormous project, but everything is very smooth, the customer was a Japanese, with less skilled Chinese told us, your crossbow technology make the product is very good, delivery faster than expected, the quality is very good also, cooperation with you we are assured. Customer satisfaction is to provider's great support, we are looking forward to next cooperation with the customers. Details of decision quality, if you want to customers have been long-term cooperation with us, don't speak every tiny point, because, detail decides success or failure, also lost in the details. For more troops MEDALS, gold and silver MEDALS, with customization can inquire our website.On the right side of the com in the personnel of the service. 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you.                                

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