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Crossbow Po process shallow light: bit edition badge production process

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-03
At present each big series in the kinds of badges, bite version of the badge is relatively popular compare beautiful badge, what is a bit edition badge? How is it made of? Crossbow Po process jun to resolve for you. A, : bite draft version of the badge of design. Now mostly USES the computer design draft badge of design draft, drawings that are widely used in the software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and so on, if you want to generate the 3 d rendering, and need the support of 3 d Max software. About color, usually use Pantone Solid Coated, because the Pantone color matching color is better, to reduce the possibility of color, so use more. 2: making film and transfer printing graphics. Bite version of the badge with the other badges, such as punching badges, enamel badges, it does not need to open mold. Draft badge of meter, it is made into a film card, again through the plate burning exposure, card graphics transfer to copper, stainless steel plate, iron plate or aluminum plate. 3: the graphics corrosion on the material. Graphic transfer printing to the material and with wax protection not need processing place, where the processing according to requirement, take different protection, then pour out the graphics corrosion chemicals. Corrosion after the completion of the flushing, the heat removing wax membrane. Four: polishing, use polishing machine for polishing processing, make the bulge appears bright. 5: color, color according to the requirements of the drawings design, badges of all sorts of color in the color of the lacquer that bake to performance. Six: die cutting and welding needle, according to the size of the drawings design requirements for cutting, then badge accessories such as welding needle. Seven: electroplating or glue, badges can adopt the way of the plating or glue, can according to the requirements of the guests into various plating effect, can also according to the requirements on the surface of a layer of glue, but add the glue after surface is a little bit edition badge raised effect. 8: badges, packaging can is divided into general packaging and special packaging. Can be used according to the requirements of JinHe, flannelette boxes, and other special packaging. Crossbow Po original bit edition badge process flow, process jun, reprint please indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, more badges custom prices and craft material problem, consult website or contact our online customer service: on the right - 86 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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