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Crossing Hailuogou, flying to win the Luding Bridge finish medal debut

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-17
Cross Hailuogou, fly to Luding Bridge, cross-country challenge. It sounds like a bloodshot, and it makes you motivated to run. This revolutionary place that has experienced the blood of the Red Army will never lack heroes with high morale. In ancient times, there were heroic fighters who blocked the guns for grabbing base areas, and there are runners who challenged the distance with their feet. The finished marathon medal is very commemorative. This is a delicate and smooth sculpture glowing with rose gold. This is a shining medal. The entire medal is engraved on the Red Army soldiers who are flying to capture Luding Bridge. They are using their heroic bodies to lay down the hopes of their descendants and grandchildren. It also indicates the Red Army's tenacious fighting spirit not afraid of the difficulties of the expedition!
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