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Crystal handicraft market based on now, looking to the future

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-15
Crystal glass has a long history in our country, and the technique and technology and the Czech republic, Italy, France, Austria and other countries, compared and larger gap. In pujiang this population of just 380000 projectile lolipop 】 after 18 years of development, has become our country's largest crystal glass handicraft processing base and raw material base, is to challenge the gap issue. Pujiang crystal industry, start from a small crystal glass beads. Crystal car accessories in 1984, a village of farmers in the field under the guidance of teacher, launched the first crystal grinding beads factory, provide accessories for out-of-town crystal lamps factory. Due to the grinding bead equipment is simple, easy technology, within a few years in local villages and towns springing up, become a mountain farmers a short cut to get rich. Since the 90 s, the grinding bead volume has increased dramatically, the locals can realize own crystal lamps factory. So from semi-finished products to finished product, the local crystal industry on a new step. In the mid - 90 - s, locals use & other; The art of the township & throughout; Grounding on the calligraphy and painting, from the production of crystal glass zodiac, small sailboat, such as arts and crafts, to gradually master & other; Grind, pressure, blow, drawing, burning, casting, carving & throughout; Such as technology, making the rich jiangnan amorous feelings of crystal crafts. Here are more than 380 crystal glass, car perfume bottle from personnel of course of more than 30000, annual operating crystal glass material, twenty thousand tons, formed the crystal beads, crystal lamps, crystal glass handicraft three series, tens of thousands of kinds of products. More than 85% of the national lighting with beads from the huangpu river, more than half of the crystal glass products are all from here. Crystal handicraft because set the process technology, and continuously introduce composition kit kat, modelling is chic new product, sell well the United States, South Korea, Russia, Japan and other overseas markets, exports accounted for 45% of the total of the crystal handicraft.
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