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Custom badge common parts books

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-02
As the saying goes: a good horse matchs good saddle, how can a pretty delicate badge of less the badge accessories, amway today by crossbow, arts and crafts for everybody with our common badge accessories: 1, safety accessories: safety pin safety pin is mainly used to make larger badges, its advantage is than the thorn needle, hook, Hat) More solid, common safety pin is elongated, adopt the method of liquid solder is fixed on the back of badges, badge according to design change plating effect. Safety pin method of use: and safety pin has a needle body of two parts, using down one side of the pin switch, pin through the clothes before the pin switch can be closed. 2, comfortable accessories: thorn horse stud needle is one of the common badge accessories, use with butterfly cap, hook, high card badge and other accessories are used together. USES different emblem may adopt different thorn needle, there are mainly 8 mm ( Commonly used) , 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, such as specifications, according to the badge design can transform the plating effect. Thorn needle method of use: horse horse needle sharp, only when the wear through the clothes, put on the butterfly caps accessories. For stabbing horse needle at the bottom of the area is small, the strong degree than safety pins, as some printed badge, thorn needle is ma use super glue. 3, beautiful accessories: hook hook is with horse needles are used together, look for like a open the wings of a butterfly called hook, through stuck thorn needle have the effect of fixed badges, badge according to design can transform plating effect. Hook method of use: horse needle thorn badge through clothes, open the hook on the two piece of spring set of horse after needle. 4, convenient accessories: hook butterfly cap and hook, is used for fixed badge thorn needle ma, butterfly cap use environmental plastic or rubber, wear up will not cause harm to the skin, there are two common butterfly cap color optional, black and yellow. Butterfly cap usage: barbed pin badge horse through the clothes, put on the butterfly cap. All kinds of badges custom please check: http://www. ysgou。 com/hz. 超文本标记语言
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