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Custom badge customers which a few kinds roughly divided into?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-02
Badge badge of different customers purpose is different, the badge is the course of your badge, suits oneself satisfactory badge. Badge customers have so a few kinds roughly: enterprises, businesses: this kind of badges customer is a big demand for not for badges, unless the enterprise scale is large, making badge prices low, but do not lose solemn, badge factory would suggest they use badges of the lacquer that bake process. Major celebrations: celebration nature is little not badges, especially some historic event, the organizers hope to participate in the activity of each guest can get a high-grade badge, actually it is not difficult, enamel, imitation enamel badges is one of the frequently used high-grade badge. Badge middlemen: this kind of badge badge business is not only, and also do other business, they have kissed the blarney stone, wants to see the most affordable badges, badge factory in their pursuit of high profits. Printed badge is a good choice, and some antique effect such as the ancient bronze plating badges. Badges collector: this kind of badges customers won't customize a large number of badges, but in order to collect, occasionally making dozens of badge, has a special meaning those fancy or badge is their collections of objects.
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