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Custom MEDALS in addition to the memory of some important events, but also it can be used. 。 。 。

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-26
Commemorative medallion is made is the floorboard of the chapter with a memorable form content, including badges and collecting MEDALS, badge is the earliest in the form of MEDALS, its origin can be traced back to primitive totem culture, mementoes is derived by the clan tribal totem sign. Later, European military cap badge, epaulettes, became the emblem of the early development of the most common form of the Napoleonic era, it has been widely used in the army, our military badge, first appeared in the beiyang navy. Now MEDALS have become more widely, the application scope of many companies and organizations have use the precious metals such as gold and silver custom MEDALS, recognition of outstanding employees, to commemorate important events spread behavior of enterprise culture. MEDALS in human cultural heritage plays a very important position, especially in China, although the commemorative medallion is made no clear into system appeared in the history, but a variety of MEDALS has inherited a lot of the glory of the clan and troops, and passing a lot of personal beliefs and age. Contained in modern badges, commemorative medallion is made of the actual utility is greatly reduced, it more is its recognition memory functions, such as the people's liberation army to commemorate some big battle victory and custom issue & other; Huai hai campaign to win MEDALS & throughout; “ Crossing campaign victory MEDALS & throughout; And so on. Nowadays, with the development of China's market economy, many enterprises are growing up, they will choose in the form of custom MEDALS issued by the employees to achieve corporate culture inheritance and motivation. There is no doubt that these precious metal commemorative medallion is made by can give formal recognition to employees' performance and recognition, good advices from the enthusiasm of employees, increase the team's cohesion, and let the employees to do revered model, to enterprise's development has played a good role in promoting.
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