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Customized Badge Deburring Process

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-21
The surface of the badges we see every day are very smooth and flat, and the colors are quite beautiful. No one knows how much crafting and high-temperature grinding of this small badge can achieve such an effect. So today we will talk about the deburring of the badge customization process. Basically, the process of custom badges is made by melting zinc alloy raw materials at high temperature and then injecting them into the mold. This is called the mold blank. When it is out of the furnace, there are a lot of burrs around. The surface is polished. There are several methods of polishing: For the small burrs around the badges, we should use manual trimming. The specific treatment methods are as follows: lightly trim the trimming knife along the 45° arc of the badge to remove the burrs. When the badge is customized, a slightly larger burr is often encountered. At this time, we need to use an oscillator. The oscillator oscillates the badge and small stones at a high speed, and it can also smooth the surface of the badge. Therefore, we see that the very beautiful badges are made through a combination of many craftsmanship and wisdom. When it comes to this, we have to admire the wisdom of human beings. We can overcome various problems and customize a badge to such a realm!
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