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Customized badges manufacturer to tell you the cultural connotation of commemorative COINS

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-24
Commemorative badges customized manufacturer to tell you: is the floorboard of the chapter with a memorable form items, including badges and collect COINS, commemorative COINS three categories. Its cultural connotation is rich and colorful. COINS of cultural connotation from the collection, collection of commemorative collection with other kinds of, also want to have special knowledge of commemorative collection and commemorative collection in China starts late, many problems still exist, commemorative COINS lack of professional data, offer few opportunities for communication, collect COINS, must observe carefully, much more to gain reasonable investment. Commemorative COINS is very rich in cultural connotation, a wide range, with political, military, economy, history, geography, science and technology, tourism, social life and other aspects. The use of COINS has went deep into every aspect of social life. Commemorative COINS is related to military factory to mark a major campaign badge is issued, events, etc. The Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) troops for the COINS, unified by the central military commission or the Chinese people's liberation army general political department approval. Services and arms, directs and commands all the military issued commemorative COINS, must be reported to the general political department of examination and approval. Revolutionary war period, due to the environment of war, the Chinese people's liberation army (PLA) issued and making COINS there is no unified rule. Agrarian revolutionary war, have been awarded 'dongjiang riots COINS', 'fujian and zhejiang to adhere to the struggle in the border regions COINS', 'the red army 10th anniversary commemorative COINS', etc. During the Anti-Japanese War, hebei shangdong and henan province the eighth route army issued a 'eight years of the war of resistance against Japan commemorative COINS,' yan and liaodong military commands issued by the eighth route army forces 'COINS' the victory of the war, and so on. War of liberation period, many military area commands and field armies in memory of the operational area and the victory of the battle, once issued commemorative COINS. As in 1948 the fourth field army and the northeast 'the liberation of the northeast' commemorative COINS issued by the military region, 1949 east China military area command issued by the 'COINS' huai hai campaign victory, 'COINS' crossing victory. After the establishment of the People's Republic of China, all the military area command has issued commemorative COINS. As in November 1949, issued by the southwest military region 'COINS' southwest of liberation victory, in 1950, central military committee issued 'the liberation of central China south COINS', 'north China liberation COINS' issued by the military and administrative committee of north China, northwest stratocracy committee issued 'the liberation of the northwest COINS', issued by the central military command and the fourth field army 'liberation hainan commemorative COINS'. In September the same year, in memory of the central people's government at the national war hero on behalf of the conference, issued a 'war hero of the Chinese people's liberation army representatives meeting commemorative COINS'. In August 1952, the southwest military region issued commemorative COINS 'the liberation of Tibet'. In the same year, the central people's government of the people's revolutionary military commission promulgated the contributions and rewards work regulations of the Chinese people's liberation army ( The draft) Provisions, and all the army issued uniformly 'hero commemorative COINS', 'model commemorative COINS'. In February 1954, the national people's sympathy of the people's liberation army delegation, to all the army officers and soldiers issued condolences commemorative COINS. In 1979, in recognition of self-defense fighting back troops feat, the general political department awarded the 'self-defense fight back to defend the frontier' commemorative COINS. Military command in 1986, the chengdu military command and kunming to border troops in yunnan province issued 'old COINS, ZheYinShan self-defense fighting back operations victory'. In July 1989, the central military commission for recognition in the parts of the capital to the execution of martial law tasks forces presented in the 'capital guards' commemorative Olympic Games commemorative COINS in addition to a small group of identification is the Olympic emblem, mostly COINS manufacturers can purchase, exchange, the Olympic theme of collecting COINS. Collecting COINS is public offering, the relevant department for collection and investment COINS, have common material commemorative COINS, precious metal material two kinds big. Ordinary material COINS use is made of copper, brass alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, ceramics, iron, aluminum, PVC, etc. , common materials are collecting COINS COINS in one of the most common form, because the price is cheap, simple, wide-ranging, collectors and the love of collector; Precious metal materials also known as precious metal commemorative COINS, commemorative COINS is made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metal or its alloy casting and become, as a result of the precious metal commemorative COINS most varieties in gold, silver, for material, general also called precious metal commemorative coin or referred to as 'gold and silver COINS, but it is not entirely correct, because the call it in the form of a little national mint COINS or authorized to sell. The Olympic commemorative COINS have the same long history with the Olympic Games. Earliest Olympic commemorative COINS first appeared in the 1896 Athens Olympics, the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912, the athletes began to exchange between the Olympic commemorative COINS ( Ji read chapter of the Olympic Games exchange period of the Olympic Games also gradually become a very active and important part of the) 。 The 1988 Seoul Olympics, the world manufacturing Olympic commemorative COINS up to 1. 800 million.
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