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Customized development trend of metal badges, are not limited to traditional!

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-11
Made metal badge is badge production mode in one of the more common. Due to the different needs, to the quality of the badge, appearance, material is different, personality badge custom-built service has become a trend. Custom-made badge can burn your company LOGO or brand information, can be used to send a customer or company employees, have very good brand publicity, badge and use a metal material, send out to also can let a person feel very high-grade. Now, many companies are made for his company's exclusive metal badges. Metal badge material generally is red copper, zinc alloy, then USES the stamping or die casting mould, combined with the lacquer that bake, enamel craft such as decoration. Compared to other forms of badges, metal badge is feeling bad image of the emblem, metal feeling stronger and more expressive force. Such as common anaglyph 3 d badges, MEDALS, 3 d MEDALS are metal feeling stronger metal badges. Metal badges zui big metal effect is the feature of strong, especially suitable for all kinds of commemorative COINS, MEDALS, MEDALS, etc. In some article, also can put some metal badges to the category of nameplate production, but its production process is the same. Will come looking for professional manufacturer badge ordered, crossbow technology, your choice not wrong! Details refer to: WWW. ysgou。 com
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