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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-09
The name Medoc comes from Latin, which means 'between water'. Such a poetic place is rich in the world's most expensive wine by virtue of its unique geographical advantage. So the question is, since there are fine wines, can the Medoc marathon escape the temptation of fine wines? The answer is naturally no. The four spiritual themes of the Medoc Marathon are: health, joy, sports, and fun. These spiritual themes have been passed down from generation to generation by the people of the Medoc, and they have evolved into today's food, drinking and fun, and the medal rankings are lower. The total length of the marathon is 42.195 kilometers, passing through 56 wine estates in Medoc, and each winery will bring out its own good wine for the passing participants to eat. Good wine goes well with meat, how can you lose meat with good wine? You read that the Medoc Marathon is not only for participants to open their belly to drink, but also for participants to open their belly to eat meat. The supply stations along the way provided the contestants with a variety of delicacies, such as foie gras, salmon, cheese, chocolate, and even roasted oysters and roast beef for the contestants to replenish energy when they reached the end. With delicious and delicious food, how can one have less fun. The people of Medoc took the marathon spirit to the extreme. In addition to eating and drinking, they even moved cosplay to the marathon arena. At this time, you will see circus clowns, spidermans, and even Japanese sumo wrestling. It is no wonder that the Medoc Marathon has been elected as 'France's most joyous race' for three consecutive years. Seeing here, the editor can't help but sigh, please give me a dozen marathons like this! Related searches: marathon medals
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