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Description: the lacquer that bake badge order process of the production process

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-15
Badge is a kind of things on behalf of an era or symbol, it must contain the abundant historical connotation, behind the badge itself is a handicraft, so by more and more people like it. Has now become a popular collection, badge on antiques and flea market is one of the essential items. With the Olympic Games held in Beijing, badge collection are more popular in China. Described below and under the lacquer that bake badge custom-made process. Made from 1, etching with a special chemical acid corrosion, the words and patterns. Commonly used in employee badges, metal badges, work card, nameplate signs plaques. 2, die stamping through development, developed the finalize the design of mould skillful craftsman to one-time stamping, die-casting, injection molding of badges, used for metal badges, logo, the production of high-grade badge. Often is famous for its has stereo feeling. 3, exquisite printing based on the common machine printing process, on the metal or other materials, plastic surface. This process is multi-purpose in customers high quality requirements of exquisite design, such as color gradient, the administrative levels of performance, the color configuration. Its elegant, chic style, which client by the customers. Crossbow Po process fine badge, lasting lettering, eternal tag, get rid of the time-consuming and artificial cost, using a crossbow bo advanced laser carving machine, give you different handicraft commemorative value. Made more badges, MEDALS, customized welcome to view: http://www. ysgou。 com 86- 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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