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Details make or break a badge making

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-24
Badges are small, but without stamping, polishing, coloring, such as complex process, because most of the time need to complete by hand, human error, such as the wrong color on this kind of situation will inevitably occur. Badge manufactory to strictly the quality pass, inspectors are scheduled for each working procedure, and escort to the victory of badges made complete. When the badge is designed first, you should pay attention to the concise and easy. Badge has strict requirements on color, line, etc, not all of the badge design draft can be made. Moreover is according to the properties of metal materials to choose the best production technology. When making badges, badge choose good material is the foundation of many badges materials for mixed with impurities, stamping shatter easily, this will affect the quality of the product. To uniform color, put oven roasted to death, after polly cannot too thick or too thin, the position of the welding needle to middle and enhance the aesthetic. Badge is a meticulous and patient work, every step can not be careless, detail decides badge make the success or failure, it has become a motto of each badge producer.
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