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Discuss why zinc alloy badge will not rust?

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-28
Zinc alloy material is one of the material of high quality in the badge production, usually used to make collectable and save time badges and MEDALS to use ( Such as games, marathon, homecoming memorial, etc. ) 。 Zinc alloy with zinc mixture of alloy and other material, the color of the zinc alloy and silver is the same color, because of its plasticity is very strong, so there is a wide range of application, it is often used to make into a key chain, badge, MEDALS, commemorative plate, MEDALS and other metal crafts. Due to use of the product does not rust and wear resistance, a product can use for a long time, so it can get people's favorite. Zinc alloy is not the cause of rust is similar to your attached automatic defense systems, because of the combination of zinc and oxygen in the air, will generate a density in the surface passivation membrane, prevent the air continues to erode internal metal matrix, so as to achieve the effect of protection, time is long will see the surface of the zinc alloy in color, but inside or with the original after the die surface zinc alloy generally no two, no matter what surface erosion, but not into something similar to rust. Now a lot of other surface will electroplating a layer metal zinc alloy products. Zinc alloy badge adopt the die casting mould clamping, products fine workmanship, edges and clear, design text is clearly visible, and high hardness than tin, has good wear resistance, smooth surface castings, polishing is not easy to deformation of sand holes, less for surface treatment, such as electroplating, spray, spray paint, etc. Crossbow, arts and crafts professional zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, the lacquer that bake, copper and other badges, MEDALS, MEDALS manufacturer, because professional so popular! Welcome new and old users from all walks of life to inquire: 13310812313 miss guo or visit the website: WWW. ysgou。 com
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