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Do you know of the ancients commemorative badges manufacturer production process?

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-04
Archaize badge manufacturers, there are the production process of commemorative COINS: a, mirror process production technology is based on strict polished on the surface of the die and billet cake processing, make produce COINS to obtain high flatness and surface roughness, the pattern and underside of contrast is more intense, level more clearly. Polishing processing is mirror processing technology the main characteristic of commemorative COINS. China issued the first set of gold - The 30th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of gold and 1986 international peace year commemorative COINS to use this traditional mirror production technology. 2, used in COINS on the production of sand blasting process can be divided into dry sand and wet sand blasting. Dry sand with mechanical sandblasting and air pressure sandblasting two kinds, each kind of manual, automatic or continuous and points automatically in a variety of ways. Wet sand spraying material form and dry sand blasting, generally present liquid, so the sand form also different from dry sand. Wet sandblasting machine equipment and there are many kinds of forms, is the most commonly used sand blasting room. Traditional sand blasting technology is required for production of commemorative COINS for production mould design part of the selected mesh different sand ( Or metal pill) For the selected base or design injection into a frosted surface, form coagulate frost effect, increase BiMian motifs of stereo feeling and administrative levels. The 40th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China commemorative COINS and 2002 sichuan sanxingdui of gold and silver COINS are using this kind of sand blasting process. Three, color mint will be the traditional painting art combined with coinage technique, such as red, yellow, blue, and black four-colour printing ink with a special plate surface of pad printing to the precious metal commemorative COINS. Our country issued its first color currency is 1/10 zodiac year of the tiger, issued in 1997 ounces of colour of gold. Four, side wire tooth roll word cast billet bread roll before or after casting rolling method on the side wire tooth type. Examples of adopting this process: the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, issued in 1999 1/2 ounces of gold is in the side cast with & quot; ZHONG GUO' With the words. Five, concave carved this is China's coinage carving characteristic method, namely using metal refraction principle, taking BiMian reliefs on concave to carving method, used to perform the panda black and white and double color of gold and silver COINS fur. 1983 pandas adopted this technology on the back of gold and silver COINS. Six, bimetal produced in advance two metal billet cake, finally by a mould die-casting molding, using metal extrusion make its stability in combination with each other, BiMian is back. Precious metal commemorative COINS in our country generally use gold and silver bimetallic, examples of adopting this technology: panda refined gold, 1990 1/2 ounces in one thousand, issued in 2000 commemorative COINS. Seven, helical tooth and adopt the special stamping method to make the currency BiMian verticality is greater than or less than 90 ℃, for anti-counterfeiting. Panda's 2001 gold COINS, silver anniversary ZhangCai successful Olympic bid with this process. Shenzhen national treasure in China gold coin factory maturely mastered this technology. Eight, in the light of archaize process silver surface, appears dark color effect of old COINS. COINS of 2001 Beijing international expo commemorative silver adopted this technology. Nine, set on a metal billet cake put other metals, after stamping forming, precious metal commemorative coin in China basically USES is gold inlaid silver inlaid gold or silver. Ten, according to the central hole in this commemorative special aesthetic and design requirements, on the casting using strong stamping forming BiMian central hole, datang town library money, issued in 1998 gold and silver COINS that adopting this technology. Eleven, electroplating in accordance with the requirements of design and beautiful commemorative COINS, in BiMian part or all of the selected pattern on the electroplating on other metals. Examples of adopting this technology: celebrate the Beijing Olympic bid success commemorative silver COINS. Twelve, billet cake deep etching of the billet cake by special chemical reagent polishing processing, makes COINS mirror particularly bright, dunhuang found 100 anniversary of silver adopted this technology as an example. 13, high relief this is compared with traditional bas-relief, adopting higher administrative levels of relief to express the design of commemorative COINS. Dunhuang grottoes, issued in 2001 ounces of silver 2 adopted this technology. 14, cancel the COINS on the surface of the traditional edge, used to perform special effects. Panda's 2001 gold COINS, the longmen grottoes 1 kg silver COINS of this technology has been adopted. 15, special-shaped COINS the traditional shape is round, the Chinese precious metal commemorative COINS to reflect innovation and performance of special subjects, using the rectangle, the fan, the plum flower shape, a variety of shapes, such as polygon fan memorial COINS is fan currency such as the Ming and qing dynasties.
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