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Dongguan exclusive badge making customized process (process Will see)

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-31
Badge production process is not a easy goal, is one step at a time, every step of the process is depend on the mutual cooperation between customers and manufacturers to understand each other, can we make this batch of badges can complete production, badge every step in the process of production need customer confirmation, we can do better. Crossbow Po process badge production flow chart is as follows: (1) please provide your badge badge design drawings or sample picture or sketch or just do you want to order badge on some simple ideas or thoughts ( We'll help you free design badge according to your idea, but to provide the necessary material) Please specify the process you want to customized badges ( If the process do not understand, please contact us directly to our consulting) Number, size, thickness, material, delivery, etc. This information can help us to quote you accurate badge. Second, confirm the drawings and process and quotation, we feedback to you badge design, quotation, information such as time limit for a project for you to confirm. Third, sign a contract down payment, we arrange production, General construction period: 12 - 14 days) ( Advice before mass production proofing ( Proofing 5 - 7 days) The practical effect, according to the badge sample to determine mass production) Four, production is completed, you pay the balance, we arrange delivery, according to the requirements of the you choose express or general logistics. If you need proofing confirmed that increases 5 - 7 days proofing time, proofing time depending on the badge process, provide the badge sample number will also be different. Badge we are custom manufacturer, we are not a treasure is not a east, the price of our products is not a fixed constant, we don't separate retail any badge process product, without knowing the customer required badge materials, style, size and condition is unable to give customers before any accurate quotations, so before consulting products don't blindly asking price, so we just quote us the price is both for their own is not responsible for and to the customer is not responsible for, the customer think the price is too high, we lost a customer resources. More badges production and customized information: WWW. ysgou。 com
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