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Electroplating play what role in making badges!

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-03
As we all know, badges, drawing and stamping die casting or is one of the indispensable process, but there is a more important also we should pay attention to process, it is electroplating, plating in badge production also played a very important role, let's take a look at the badge production plating several functions: first use of electrolysis on the metal badge products deposit with good adhesion, but the performance of different metal cladding layer and substrate materials technology. Plating layer heat soak evenly, the surface layers of badge is generally thin, ranging from a few microns to a few microns. By electroplating, can be in mechanical products for decorative and protective surface layer of various functional can also repair wear and machining error of workpiece. In addition, in accordance with the various badges plating requirements have different functions. 1. Badges copper plating: with render, improve plating adhesion ability, and ability to resist corrosion. 2. Trinket nickel plating: render made the appearance, or improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance ability, The chemical nickel for abrasion resistance than chrome plated) in modern technology 。 3. Gold-plated badges: improve conductive contact impedance, improve signal transmission. 4. Palladium plating nickel: improve conductive contact impedance, improve signal transmission, wear resistance is higher than gold. 5. Tin lead: improve welding ability, quickly replaced by the other for objects ( Because lead is most bright tin plating instead and fog tin) 。 Badge production process of each step is very important, be short of one cannot, these handicraft adhering to the good faith is supreme, the attitude of the win-win cooperation for every customer custom satisfactory badges, MEDALS, badges, MEDALS, MEDALS, etc. , with our professional knowledge and high quality service sincerely welcome your call and visit! 86 - 579 - 85596776
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