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Homecoming commemorative badges choose enamel for it!

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-26
Homecoming souvenirs custom there are both memorable and collection value of enamel badge is a good choice, students will generally do have a memorable and have held the best value, this classmate to commemorate collection life, homecoming to customize with a pattern of personalized gifts, which can be stored for a long time, enamel badges has collection value and the value function, personalization of enamel badges is according to the requirement of the homecoming design open mold production, unique in the market. The price is not expensive, it is made of enamel have some commemorative collection value, design can be made according to the requirement of the students. Reunion custom souvenir badges the heavier the bigger the diameter of the more expensive, general custom 5 cm in diameter 6 cm is about, commemorative badges to want her name engraved on the above can be carved 50-6 cm in diameter The name of the 80 people. High quality homecoming commemorative badges custom manufacturer, crossbow, handicraft, 33 years quality assurance, is your badge, MEDALS, commemorative medallion is made of choice! www。 ysgou。 com
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