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How to choose an acrylic jewelry boxes?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-12
Because of the transparent color widely used acrylic jewelry boxes, transparent color can see inside the precise location of the item, even if not open, what items to put inside. In addition to color, and, of course, the structure, the conventional way of open have flip, heaven and earth cover type, smoked pull type, etc. Jewelry box prices make depends on the material, size, layers and process. How to choose jewelry boxes? This is key, that is about to see you in which aspects, such as studio, home, or designers. Studio in makeup to clients, shooting, etc, need of jewelry is multilayer, has delimited the best. Home of the single box will do the trick. Jewelry box selection is also important, as our acrylic material, it is absolutely environmental protection. Light transmittance is high also. Durable 5 - 8 years, do not fade, do not come unglued. Acrylic diagonal adhesive will produce small bubbles affect beautiful, again good technology cannot completely avoid the bubbles, and we are Noble allow use homemade professional acrylic glue, as far as possible to reduce the generation of air bubbles, so that the appearance is not affected. Dongguan Noble allow acrylic processing factory has 20 years experience in professional acrylic jewelry box makers, style and size can be customized, factory direct distributor price cheap, welcome to inquire: 4008959252 May also directly to the factory visit.
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