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How to choose the right means of acrylic printing?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-27
From the very beginning of font to add simple printing lines, simple to the back of the printing ink already can't satisfy people's growing needs. People need more clear picture, the printing method of gradient more obvious, especially represented by acrylic this kind of product. ( Acrylic outdoor billboards, acrylic table tablet stands, acrylic light box, etc. ) Printing is put forward higher requirements for products. So in the face of all kinds of printing process, how to choose a suitable product printing method, is a quite a headache problem. Combining with the Noble allow acrylic products factory in the printing process, to answer for you, hope to be of help. Screen printing: silk screen printing, the net pressure under the action of brush, ink through the mesh, makes the acrylic are printed on the surface and the same pattern on the screen. Its simple operation fast and cheap. Common in printed LOGO scenarios, etc. UV printing: a printing by UV curing ink does not change color, resistant to scratching. But after printing yakeli board cannot bend, commonly used in some of the product accuracy is not high for example above some yakeli billboards, acrylic wine brand. Digital printing: spray a layer of oil film on the acrylic board, again to print technology, its precision is very high, acrylic plate bending can be arbitrary, but easily scratched, not resistant to high temperature. Common in some acrylic sign above. Believe that through the understanding of the above, you have to find suitable for their own way of printing, our Noble allow for 20 years of experience in the industry of acrylic, printing method also follow the requirement of the market, continuous improvement, strive to do meet the requirements of each district, in the future we will keep this attitude, and you go higher, go further.
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