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How to design judo medals to look good?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-19
Judo originated in Japan and evolved from Jiu-Jitsu, which means restraining opponents to victory in a gentle way. That is what we are talking about, the four or two throws a thousand catties, with softness to overcome the rigid and the like, is currently the Olympic fighting category second only to wrestling events. There are also many judo training courses in the private sector. Every year, provinces and cities regularly hold judo competitions to examine the students' learning achievements this year, and judo medals are also the goal of the students' struggle. Today we use this judo medal to learn about this popular Olympic event. This medal is custom-made into a ring frame to give it a distinct sense of hierarchy. The frame is polished and the inner metal is frosted, which gives the medal a better texture. The whole is electroplated gold, which means the champion of the world championships, and of course there are silver and bronze medals. The outer frame SYDNEY means Sydney; the inner frame JUDO NSW means the New South Wales Judo competition; and the pattern below shows the classic scenes of the contestants, which are carved and rubbed on the medals. This is exactly what the contestants want A part of experience. The standard movements and clever tricks are hidden in this seemingly simple but complicated movement. Below is international for international sports competitions. The whole piece of medals combined is the Judo Medal of the Sydney World Championships. Through this small medal, we can see that the custom-made judo medals are very particular. It not only inherits the martial art of judo on the medal, but also allows the contestants to experience the charm of judo. Related searches: custom-made martial arts medal manufacturers
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