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How to judge whether the medal has a collection value?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-27
Commemorative medals can be said to be a relatively wide range of souvenirs, from the founding commemorative medals to the later Vietnam War commemorative medals, the Hong Kong and Macao return commemorative medals, and the Motherland Day commemorative medals are countless. So how do we determine whether these medals are worth collecting? Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd. is pleased to answer for you. The general judgment of the collection value of the medal mainly depends on the following points: 1. The material of the medal: to distinguish the medal from the material, it can be roughly divided into ordinary material and precious metal material. Commemorative medals made of common materials are nothing more than: copper, brass alloy, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, tinplate, ceramics, pvc, etc., which are common materials in our lives; medals made of precious metals generally include: gold, silver, platinum alloy and other metals Casting. From the point of view of the material, it must be rare to be more expensive. But from the point of view of usage, the medals of ordinary materials are still quite popular, not only because of the low price, but also because of the large number of collectors. In terms of collection value, precious metals are even better. 2. Commemorative medals are the product of politics, economy, and culture in the historical period, reflecting the cultural trends of the society at that time, and are very valuable for collection. But the true value still depends on the content, art, craftsmanship and meaning of the medal to determine the value of his collection. For example, the Founding Fathers Medal is an example. It is not only a major milestone commemoration, but also a classic masterpiece with great collection significance and investment. It is recognized by the industry as the first choice for 'collection, investment, gift, and handing down'. ! Take the first commemorative medal for the founding ceremony of the country and it was sold for 2.48 million yuan! There are also clear cases abroad. The Washington Medal of the first President of the United States was sold for 2.12 million US dollars. Never try to make a small commemorative medal worthy. Many people in this world have a hobby of collecting souvenirs. If the commemorative medal you have has a long cultural trend, please protect it. Maybe one day it will be worth a hundred times.
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